AutoSizer 1.61

By using Autosizer you can control the opening style of almost any program
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AutoSizer is unique software of its kind. Autosizer is not for resizing any image or photo file. The main purpose of Autosizer is to resize the size of almost any software window, whether it is Internet explorer, Notepad, MS word, MS excel, MS Access or any other program. It is able to resize any open window. So what is the use of this software and why we want to resize any software window? Normally we all use internet Explorer, Notepad, MS word, MS Excel etc. programs. But whenever we open these programs we find that some of them open in Maximized form and some of them open in a small window. For example, normally Notepad opens in a small window and Internet explorer in maximized window, which may be irritating for some users who want to open Notepad in maximized window or Internet explorer in a small window. But they can not control their opening style without Autosizer. So by using Autosizer you can control the opening style of almost any software and it will keep remember your settings for each software in its list. You can set the maximize, minimize, restore, center and your own defined size for individual programs. And you can also set the position of individual software window on the screen. And even you can set the setting for individual files, for example, different settings for two different Notepad files.

Manoj Goel
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  • Freeware
  • Unique and rare software of its kind
  • Support Maximize, Minimize, Restore, center and user defined size
  • Support window position
  • Support target by window name and by class name


  • Does not support resizing for all softwares
  • Not very useful for everyone
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